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Earn MONEY with... A shop Japanese?!

Do you dream of merging PASSION and MONEY? Did the Japanese universe cradle your childhood, or are you just looking for an extra income?

The principle is simple:

Step #1 - Enter your email below and become an official Partner
Step #2 - Retrieve your affiliate links on your Dashboard
Step #3 - Start promoting our site and earn your commissions

The interest for you is:

1) Simple and generous Affiliate Program (10 to 15% per sale)
2) Custom Dashboard, Affiliate Links and Discount Code
3) Secure and automated payments (Paypal)
4) Efficient tracking system (Cookies = 180 days) 


How does Affiliation work?

Concretely: you promote our site, a person buys an item, you receive a commission on the sale made. The higher your sales volume, the higher your commissions:

Stage #1 - 10% per transaction (0 - 20 sales)
Stage #2 - 12% per transaction (20 - 100 sales)
Stage #3 - 15% per transaction (> 100 sales)


Does not apply to own purchases!⚠️


Tips for selling


The best way for you to sell is:
1/ Put your referral link in your bio with your promo code.
2/ Make stories with your favorite products.
3/ Take pictures of yourself with our products and publish them on your Instagram profile, you can ask for a 20% discount code that you can use once!


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